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Staying In Touch: App Or Tablet?

Updated: Aug 25

When considering the best ways to maintain communication with our loved ones who are advancing in years, it is a good idea to remember that most people who are over 65 have some form of dementia. Right from the early stages of any kind of dementia, memory problems occur that would make learning something new a challenge. What kind of problems could this impose when trying to decide between software that is easy to learn and use or hardware that has a lot of features that take a lot of practice?

Staying in touch on a more personal level is the ultimate goal here. Therefore, it is important to remember that people with dementia can become upset quite easily, especially when they are overwhelmed or frustrated. Finding the right avenue to communicate without causing harm to older person’s daily life has to be made simple, useful and pleasant.

With the way technology is changing in leaps and bounds, it is becoming more and more important to find better ways to keep the lines of communication open. This is especially true for our aging loved ones who are more than likely not as tech savvy as the younger generations. Finding the right tools to keep our older people up to pace so that they can communicate with ease is of the utmost importance.

The best way to keep in touch with anyone, including the older people, is via the internet and voice communication. The top choices in our technological world are cellular phones, tablets and apps. Deciding between a tablet and an app that would assist the older people should be weighed and considered by what would work best per individual.

The top choices that work out for the older people with minimal amount of effort are the GrandPad Tablet and the GrandTime App. While both offer great features, which is the best between these two options? Is it better to have hardware that may feel bulky or an app that installs into already owned devices? The table and explanation below can help you weigh the facts and decide for yourself.

GrandPad Tablet Vs. GrandTime App

Possible Problems With Technology

From the information in the chart it is plain to see that either the GrandPad Tablet or the GrandTime App would be beneficial to anyone that has few to no technological knowledge. However, there are more than just the capabilities and the visual features to consider.

For example, an aging person may not have the ability to hold onto a tablet due to their size, and a stylus may be all but impossible to grasp in shaky hands. Some people may need to use something smaller and more compact like a cellular phone. In this case, the GrandTime App would be best since the App only needs to be installed onto an already owned device that the user is already comfortable with.

Easy to read displays are an absolute must for someone with poor eyesight. While the GrandPad does have high contrast as well as a back-light that can be voice activated, the GrandTime App has a light that is always on even when the device is on charge.

The features for the GrandPad include: Video calling, chatting via text messages and the ability to install other Apps that are specifically designed for seniors. Having a new device with a lot of features that have to be mastered to work properly can be a hassle for people who are advancing in age.

The GrandTime is already an App that is specifically designed for seniors to keep it simple during communication with their loved ones via video and text messaging. GrandTime makes communication easier because there’s nothing else to learn how to use and no new equipment to buy. This makes learning the features easier since there is no need to add anything else. Keeping things simple to meet the needs of the older people is more important than supplying a bunch of games they will probably not want to play to begin with.

Cost Effective

The mass majority of the users of the GrandPad and GrandTime are people who more than likely live on a limited income or are living in their retirement years. This means that the price of the software or hardware plays a huge role in their decisions when purchasing products. Although, everyone weighs the value of an item by the quality, if the price is too steep they will pass it by for something cheaper and easier to use.

The GrandPad is a tablet that has several features as well as several separate pieces that have to be used to keep it functioning at it’s best performance. To purchase the GrandPad, the customer can either pay $10 per month until the device is paid for, or buy it straight out for $250. Even after the device is paid for, there is a monthly subscription fee of $40 per month. That’s almost $500 per year to use GrandPad’s services plus the initial cost of the device and it’s equipment.

GrandTime, on the other hand, only costs $14.99 on a quarterly basis. That’s $44.99 annually.

With this price comes the simple features that any senior could master quickly without having to purchase a device for it to work with. This makes GrandTime more cost effective as well as being less of a hassle.

Security Features

GrandPad offers their customers the option to give them a list of their contacts to be programmed into the device before it is received by the buyer. The contacts can be edited, added and removed later. Regardless of how secure an internet server is, giving the names, addresses and phone numbers of friends and family members is never a good practice for anyone. Doing this puts the confidential information of others at risk.

GrandTime allows the user to add, edit and remove their contacts on their own or with the help of a family member. This keeps private information private and secure the way customers expect it to be.

GrandPad also offers a private network that families can connect through via app. The private network is not accessible by anyone not on the contact list. GrandTime also offers a secure private network as well as the ability to lock the device so that the senior can not accidentally dial anyone outside the contact list or emergency numbers.

Grasping The Basics

By the time a person reaches the point in life where they need the things they enjoy to have a larger display, they typically need them to be a comfortable size to fit in their hands. Usually, this means that anything that requires them to hang on to something so skinny as the stylus that comes with the GrandPad becomes a painful and almost pointless task.

GrandTime has no extra pieces that need to be used other than the ones that the customer already has and is already comfortable using. This means that there’s no need for a person with joint problems to have to try and hold on to a stylus or grasp a wide and thin object at the same time.

Software Vs. Hardware

When deciding between the software and hardware that will keep people connected to the family and friends who are aging and not very tech savvy, simplicity is best. Installing an App that has a very low cost and just a few easy to use features that will allow the user to do the one thing they are trying to accomplish makes more sense.

Purchasing expensive hardware that accumulates on a stand or counter and has way too many icons to memorize makes no sense when the user can simply install an App that adds the needed features to an already existing device. When living on a fixed income or low budget, purchasing the software that GrandTime offers is more reasonable and cost effective than purchasing a GrandPad that may wind up being more confusion than it’s worth.

Staying Connected

The whole point of purchasing hardware or software that allows people to interact with loved ones is to make life more enjoyable and convenient for those among us that have a hard time with understanding our ever-changing technological world. Staying connected should not be a stressful headache full of unfamiliar icons and ideas.

When it comes right down to the facts, GrandPad does have some outstanding features. However, the amount of time spent learning to use it is no where as simple and convenient as downloading the GrandTime App and getting connected. The easy to use, large display of the always lit GrandTime makes the choice a no-brainer for people who need something that is both inexpensive and easy to use.

The choice between hardware and software is easy to make. Why pay more for something that will only be used for a few simple tasks when all that is necessary are the tools to communicate? GrandTime, is the most logical choice that will brighten the day of anyone trying to stay in touch with their aging family and friends.

Overall, when it comes to staying in touch with family members that are older than 65 and more than likely have memory and recall problems, the software technology wins over the hardware.

People with dementia and memory problems would have a very difficult time figuring out the use of so many apps and icons when all they want to do is text, video chat and share photos with the people they love the most.

Nothing should ever get in the way of having a great time while communicating with loved ones. When it comes to staying in touch with our family members, fear of the unfamiliar and price should never stand in the way of the most important things in life. GrandTime makes the new experience inexpensive, easy, effective and pleasant rather than pricey, overwhelming and confusing.

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